The best way to contact the organisation of El Camino meeting Meijel is email. If needed we will provide you with further contact information.

El Camino meeting Meijel general contact. With questions, complaints and any further information you can contact:

Contact Form El Camino meeting Meijel

Contacts event management:

Be aware!, the event management of el camino meeting Meijel can contact you by e-mail, these emails will always bes end from …

Do you get an email concerning el camino meeting Meijel from another sender be aware it’s not from us, if you do please contact us we will take further action!

Eventmanagement consists of 4 persons :

Wiel Wiel Heldens, Contact Form Wiel Heldens

Fred van Rijt Fred van Rijt, Contact Form Fred van Rijt

Fred Roessen Fred Roessen, Contact Form Fred Roessen

Maikel Joosten Maikel Joosten, Contact Form Maikel Joosten


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