El Caminomeeting Meijel was founded by two citisens from Meijel, Maikel Joosten and Rik Martens, that were both car crazy. El Camino in particular.
Actually the idea was a joke!
There were many car show in the area, but none of the was exclusively to the Chevrolet El Camino.
The first show was held in 2002, and the founders didn't really know what they started.


It was a big succes, even with terrible weather conditions. The First show brought 85 El camino together from 5 different countries, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switserland.

The succes asked for repeatance, that resulted in an annual El Camino car show. The first twelve years were organised without any strictions, nothing official. The show became an official non-profit organisation in 2014.This was a must to do, because we wanted the show to continue for years to come and future generations to enjoy.

Crew anno 2014

El Camino meeting Meijel became a World famous status through the years. The event has welcomed visitors from multiple countries like, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switserland, England, Ireland and even the United States of America.